Climate in Art

"In the Beginning..."

 In the beginning there were many

Thousands and thousands

Too many to count

Millions of colors, all on Earth’s surface

Like the vivid paints on an artist’s canvas

We all evolved as required

In order to see tomorrow’s sunshine

Yet one species rose above the rest

Humans, with their silver axes, cut endlessly

Chop, chop, chop

Buildings arose where trees had once stood

Skyscrapers that touched the clouds

Their need for simplicity led to the death of the waves

Splish, splash

One bag after another, 

Making their way to the depths of the sea

Fooling many of us to starve

Their desire for the rare found many of us in cages

Chink, chink, chink

Without fur and tusks some of us were weak

The remaining were left to select the flowers 

That would lay on the graves

In the beginning there were many

But times can change

As the canvas becomes dull and colorless

We cannot do more than watch our kind slowly perish

To be forever lost to the cruel clutches of mankind