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Governor Newsom (CA) vetoes a bill that, "...would have adopted into California law the federal Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Fair Labor Standards Act..." because, as said by Newsom, it “limits the state’s ability to rely upon the best available science to protect our environment.” 

Climate in Art

"Our House is On Fire!"


A slam-poetry piece written and dictated by Sarah Rose and two others. A powerful message and a strong vow to be better to our world.



A gorgeously written poem created by an anonymous user. The perspective of our forests in a beautiful way.

"In the Beginning"


Created by @fjwriter11, this short but impactful writing describes animal extinction in such a poetic way.


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Education About Our Environment

This website is based on the widely controversial topic of climate change. People, especially now, need to know about the importance of our biosphere and what is happening to it.


Our Mission

It's a terrible thing to think that such an important issue to all of us is directly ignored by even the most powerful people. However, we need to counteract the wave of dissent and take it upon our shoulders to save our world. We all need to come together- all ages, genders, sexualities, races... we're all dwellers of the planet Earth, and we need to protect our home.


Other Info

We're not claiming to have all the information in the world. However, there are some very reliable sites that you should definitely check out if you have a passion for the environment. As we love to help other aspiring saviors of our world achieve their dreams, we have some great resources listed right here.