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A new map shows that the 'red tide' outbreak is lessening.

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Education About Our Environment

This website is based on the widely controversial topic of climate change. People, especially now, need to know about the importance of our biosphere and what is happening to it.

Our Mission

You might be thinking, 'Why would we even need to know about this'. Maybe you don't even believe climate change is real. You probably laugh at the idea that the world could suddenly end. However, that is a very real possibility in our near future. Antarctica is melting, wildfires are blazing everywhere from California to even Greece, and our ocean life is suffering horribly. But if you know bout all of the terrible things we've purposely done, and that we still have a glimmer of hope, maybe just one more person will join me and the whole conservation community and fight back.

Our Information

The facts in this website are all from sources cited on the page titled Sources. If you want to know more about where this information all came from, just check the websites. This way, you can learn without having to doubt.